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Position Title Department No. of Positions
Application Developer IT 2

Purpose of the Job

  • To develop, enhance, maintain and support Database Management Systems that enable the automation of Business Processes.
  • Scope of responsibility ranges from the design and data integrity of stable Databases to the full recovery of Databases in the event of a Disaster.
  • Responsible for Customer Satisfaction with the performance of Databases and the ability of Development Projects to meet stated objectives.

Main Duties of the Jobholder

  1. Installs Database Management System Software.
  2. Controls access to Application Data .
  3. Generates Reports indication Database Activity to highlight potential Security Violations.
  4. Analyzes Reports indicating Database Activity to highlight potential Performance Problems.
  5. Monitors Database performance mechanisms to maintain and enhance data integrity and availability.
  6. Tunes Database to optimize End User Transaction response time.
  7. Deploys Application Databases to the Production Environment.
  8. Ensures that Database Recovery meets Fault Tolerant Requirements of the supported Business Processes.
  9. Completes Application LifeCycle Documentation for Approval by Data Center Operations.
  10. Intergrates Database Recovery Procedures into Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity Plans.
  11. Problem solves and resolves Application Database Defects in the Production Environment.
  12. Restores Database using Logos and/or Backup-Restore Procedures to mitigate the risks of a Fault Event.
  13. Prepares Production Change Management and Fault Change Management Requests.
  14. Develop application based on business request.
  15. Recovers Database Environment using Disaster Recovery Procedures to mitigate the risks of a Disaster.
  16. Develops Standards, Processes, and Procedures for application development Function.
  17. Perform other duties as assigned.


  1. Experience with object oriented analysis/design.
    Familiarity with relational databases, preferably Oracle and SQL Server.
    Strong programming skills especially in .Net ,Java .
  2. Good written and oral communication skills in both English and Chinese.
    Requires very little Supervision.
  3. 3-5 Years programming skills.
  4. Bachelor’s Degree or above.

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