To be recognized and respected as a premier contractor servicing the energy industry through innovation and technology in fabrication, whilst achieving the highest industry performance in safety, quality, ethics and environmental protection.


To deliver certainties in safety, quality, schedule and budget, profitable products and services which exceed the expectations of our customers and shareholders.


Our core values are:
People – We are committed to the development of our employees, our workforce is culturally diverse and we are socially responsible and respectful of this. We focus on competency and encourage growth through talent.
Integrity – We are safety, quality and ethically focused. We strive to be honest, principled and accountable in our operations.
Performance – We are disciplined and fiscally responsible. We are dedicated to delivering challenging products through adaptively innovative and creative means, therebye also delivering certainty, with a focus on customer and shareholder value.

McDermott Wuchuan Ethics Policy

We promote a company culture that encourages trust, high ethical standards and adherence to our Code of Business Conduct.

We are strongly committed to business and personal integrity, as well as compliance with applicable regulations and laws.

We foster an environment where every employee exercises due diligence to prevent, detect and report conduct that violates our Code of Business Conduct or applicable laws or regulations.

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