Mcdermott Wuchuan


The McDermott Wuchuan yard has a capacity of 6 million man hours per year, equivalent to 60,000 MT throughput. The bulk head is designed for loadout of 25,000 MT facilities or more, subject to detailed loadout analysis and arrangement.

For optimal efficiency, the yard supports a circular process flow. Materials move out of the warehouse in a forward clockwise direction, passing through pre-treatment and pre-fabrication; actual fabrication; cleaning, coating and painting; and final assembly before the finished products are loaded out. To maximise project delivery certainty, the yard’s fully enclosed blasting and painting facilities as well as module assembly shop also guarantee 24/7 operations.

The McDermott Wuchuan quay is 376m (1234ft) in length, with a minimum water depth of 8.5m and a quay wall facing north into the sheltered waters of the Qingdao Bay. The open sea is less than five nautical miles from the yard.

There are two piers, one for each skidway. Specially designed for heavy load, each pier sits atop a grid work of massive concrete piles, extending 40m into the granite bedrock below.

The structural shop consists of two large bays with 11,700m² of covered fabrication space, serviced by 13 overhead cranes and "A" frame cranes. Surrounding the shops in an outside storage area totaling 11,300m², accessible by overhead cranes.

The structural shop is outfitted with advanced plasma/ oxy-gas cutters, tubular coping, drilling and sawing machinery. Through computer-controlled precision cutting, pre-fabricated structural components are perfectly prepared for assembly. Material feed is handled by a custom-designed heavy duty conveyor system.

The pipe shop has two separate bays to prevent cross-contamination – one for carbon steel spools and the other for exotic steel spools. Each pipe shop is outfitted with state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, such as band saws, cutting and beveling machines, drilling and welding machinery.

A four-bay "drive through" radiography bunker is located on the southend of the pipe shop.

All steel plates and structural shapes are pre-blasted and primed in the auto-blast facility at the northeast end of the Structural Shop stockyard, prior to fabrication activities. This auto-blasting facility ensures that all structural objects are made ready prior to any cutting, fitting or welding into sub-assemblies. This innovative strategy reduces the time taken for final blasting and painting, and provides a clean surface for marking and cutting during the pre-fabrication process.

With four enormous bays (each 48m width X 124m length X 38m height) serviced by four overhead cranes, the fully-enclosed module assembly shop at McDermott Wuchuan is one of the most technologically advanced within the McDermott group.

The electrically-powered "Mega-Doors" at the module assembly shop protect ongoing work against inclement weather, enhancing quality, safety and productivity. In addition, they allow very large structures to be moved out in one single assembly. Whenever physically possible, the entire module or deck assembly is completed inside this huge structure, allowing for uninterrupted fabrication activities to take place regardless of the weather conditions outside.

  • Warehouse
  • Utilities eg. air compressor station, gas store, bulk liquid gases station, substation & transformers
  • Maintenance, rigging & scaffolding shops
  • Training centre & laboratory
  • Operations office
  • Administrative & client offices
  • Canteen


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